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Welcome to North Pole Santa Letters, a place where your child's dreams come true!

Create a lasting Christmas memory with letter from Santa Claus himself. Delight a special child with a personalized letter from Santa, customized with accomplishments and wish lists. Send a special keepsake and give your child a Christmas he or she will never forget! All letters from North Pole Santa Letters ship free within the U.S. Order your letter from Santa today.
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Only at North Pole Santa Letters

    • Letters are truly customized with plenty of personal information
    • 9 different letters to choose from, including “Baby’s 1st” and “Believe”
    • 9 different backgrounds to choose from
    • Each letter will have Santa’s return address label, and Santa’s Official Seal
    • Each letter will have an authentic North Pole, Alaska postmark  (see “Order Now” page for ordering deadlines)
    • High quality paper and ink used on all products
    • Each standard letter is only $6.99 (Price includes shipping and handling!)
    • Special order letters available! Contact us at NorthPoleSantaLetters@msn.com. (prices may vary)

New for 2015

    • 3 new backgrounds
    • 2 new letters including “Baby’s 1st” and “Believe”
    • Santa’s Official Envelope Seal
    • Each letter to include a Free sheet of stickers
    • Extended ordering deadlines with custom North Pole postmark (after December 12th)
    • Refer a friend, and if they place an order, get a 20% refund!!!!

Coming Soon!

    • Create your own custom letter! (Only $8.99)
    • Request additional personalization to existing letters (Prices may vary)


Remember to follow Santa's journey on Christmas Eve at www.noradsanta.org

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