North Pole Santa Letters Testimonials

2016 Season

[I] Highly recommend North Pole Santa Letters.  My daughter was beside herself when she received her letter.  She couldn’t stop talking about it and telling all her friends at school – Mike –  2016

“I loved that the envelope was also decorated in Santa print and love the North Pole stamp.  My kids loved the letters!.” –  Hanna –  2016

“Beautifully done letters and envelopes – very high quality.  I have purchased letters in the past from others and they cannot compare to the letters received from North Pole Santa Letters” – Tammi – 2016

“Great site, great site, and exceptional customer service” – Pat 2016

“This is our 4th year purchasing from North Pole Santa letters and could not be happier.  Great selection, excellent customer service and my kids LOVE them!” – Maddie –  2016

“My grandkids loved them.  It was very important for each child to receive a different letter and background.  I will definitely purchase again!”  – Tia 2016

“Great communication and very easy to work with.  Helped me create the perfect custom letter for an older child.  Thanks to North Pole Santa Letters my daughter is still a believer” – Kena 2016

2015 Season

Santa Letters“My son loved that Santa sent him a letter.  After reading it to him he said, “Aww, Santa loves me.”  This was the first Santa letter I have ordered and I was so impressed that I will definitely be ordering again next year!   I loved it! It was exactly what I hoped it would be and am so happy with the whole experience!  You had the best personalization that I found and a great selection of stationary for it. The price was excellent as was the quality and details of the letter, paper and envelope.” – Amy – December 2015

“I liked your price and the fact I could order just the letter.  Other sites I felt like I was paying for things I didn’t want such as a Santa video and call from Santa.”  – Holly- December 2015

“The letters were very well done.  Thank you for helping make Christmas even a brighter time of year!” – Todd – December 2015

“Very sweet.  Concerned more about the children than themselves!” – Tammy – December 2015

“What a great value for the money.  Beautiful letters, well done!  And my daughters loved the stickers.  I also really liked how both of my kids received different envelopes and different sheets of stickers.  Made them feel much more personal!” – Christina – December 2015

“What a great, high quality product.   I loved being able to create a custom letter, and I was very impressed with the quality and selection of paper, as well as the detail of how the letter was on the stationary.  I ordered both custom and standard letters – 6 letters between my children and some friends and all of the kids LOVED them!  Definitely brought a bit of magic to our Christmas season and lots of smiles.” – Kaylee – December 2015North Pole Santa Letters

“My two granddaughters were very excited…but the 3 year old was most excited over the stickers!  Since I have two granddaughters at the same address, I had to have two different letters sent to them and you had a good variety of letters to choose from.  All the other sites I looked at only had one form letter.  Personally, I like the fact that you send the letter and stickers….all the other sites you had an option to order additional things, i.e., ornaments, etc.  I think just a letter from Santa is sufficient.” – Judy – December 2015

“What great customer service.  Pam was very concerned about the delays with the postal service and kept me very informed of status.  She even offered to send out new letters, free of charge, just to ensure my grandchildren received them before Christmas. We will definitely be a repeat customer!  Thank you and Merry Christmas!” – Colleen – December 2015

“What a great website.  Easy to use, very good selection of letters and stationary, and a great price for the high quality of the product.  It is refreshing not being pushed into buying other products, and to me feels much more authentic that Santa just wrote a letter and included some stickers.  And my kids LOVED their letters!!  Thank you so much for bringing some extra Christmas smiles!” – Brianna – December 2015

“I have an older daughter and because of the many choices of letters, I was able to allow her to still have some magic.  Thank you for offering this service as I am unable to create the same magic that your product does.”  – Jennifer – December 2015

“Loved the letters and envelopes!” – Lesley – December 2015

“This site is awesome!!!”  – Shauna – December 2015

“Thank you, the letters were were great!  And you even corrected my misspelling!! ” – Robert – December 2015

Santa Letters“We have been ordering from you for the past 4-5 years and would like to thank you for this service. I know there are others out there, but you have always come through with the letters to our grandkids and family friends, and THE KIDS LOVE THEM. Even last year when I forgot & ordered them 8 days before Christmas. Thank you and keep up the great work for the kids….Excellent customer service is why you are successful. Just wish others would understand the necessity of good customer service” – Ron – November 2015

2014 Season

“My granddaughter received her letter and LOVED it.  Thank you for doing this to make children smile!!  I have a new grand baby as well so next year there will be 2 for you to do for me.  Have a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!!”  – Jodie – December 2014

“Thank you for your letters.  My grandchildren’s excitement was over the top when they received their letters!  They couldn’t wait to bring the over to show me.   Very high quality!  We will definitely be a repeat customer.” – Sheila – December 2014

“Thank You!  The letter came yesterday and it was simply wonderful to see XXXX so excited!  I think the letter did the trick to bring the “magic back” and answer many of his questions.  He was so excited as we read the letter!!  I think he is believing right now.   The signature was great….more convincing to him.  Thank you so much!!!   You added a very magical moment to our Christmas!  Merry Christmas!!” – Natalie – December 2014

“What a great value for the money.  I looked at several other web sites, and in the past had purchased from a competitor.  Your letters were much better quality and authentic.  Thank your for the memory!  Merry Christmas.” – Joe – December 2014

2013 Season

Santa Letters“Thank you for the great communication and working with me on the perfect custom letter.  It took all of his doubts away about Santa being “real.”  Having the real North Pole Postmark sealed it for him!  Happy Holidays.” – Megan – December 2013

“We purchased 5 letters from you for our kids, and they loved them!  Having the ability to have them all be different really made it feel like Santa had taken the time to write each of them their own letter.  They have carried them around with them, showing friends at school and church.  It was the best gift they received for the holidays.  Thank you for a “magical” Christmas!  God Bless.” – Sue – December 2013

NOTE:  Names may be changed to protect identities.

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